Lighting Infrastructure

The Future of Sustainability is in Your Hands.

All the power you need for your sustainable parking lot.

EcoCharge supplies, installs and maintains intelligent off-grid lighting infrastructure that can be managed via the Internet. Our lights are stylish, functional, come in a range of colors and are designed to operate in tough conditions – with an innovative battery that’ll operate effectively for years. In fact, we offer a seven-year warranty on our batteries.

There are a host of benefits associated with EcoCharge’s solar lighting infrastructure beyond sustainability.

The smart integration allows troubleshooting and testing to be undertaken remotely, which means maintenance and servicing costs can be reduced by up to 80%. You’ll also benefit from the elimination of mains cable installation costs and the costs of mains electricity.

While our helpful staff are available to assist you, EcoCharge lighting infrastructure doesn’t require you to undergo any technical training.

From our extensive pre-sale consultation and site analysis right through to our ongoing maintenance, we empower you take charge during your switch to renewable energies.

Intelligent Design

Once they’re installed, they are designed to operate entirely off the grid. Solar panels mounted to the lighting post charge the lights during daylight hours. They’re intelligently designed to detect shading and to adjust to it – so they charge as effectively as possible.

Control On-the-Go

Your lights will be able to operate for 3 to 5 days in low-to-no sun, depending on the lighting profile you choose. You get flexible operating parameters and fully-configurable lighting profiles. The end result is better, brighter lights that you can conveniently control via smartphone applications.

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