Electric Vehicle Charging

The Future of Sustainability is in Your Hands.

Take Charge with EcoCharge’s EV Charging Stations

Our charging station enclosures are customizable and durable, while their LED illumination makes them a real stand out. But the intelligence that went into their design didn’t stop there.

EcoCharge’s EV Charging Stations are designed with one word in mind: flexibility. They’re built to fit in any space and can be easily installed against a wall, on a pole, or as a freestanding unit. They’ll power any electric vehicle and they’ll keep working even in Alberta’s tough weather conditions (down to -30).

Our team will help you pave the way for a better future.

With our quick installation, expert consultation and high-quality products, you’ll be able to take charge with EcoCharge’s EV Charging Stations. The power is entirely in your hands.

Flexible User Pricing

EcoCharge’s EV Charging Stations have a smart interface that is simple to use and offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of pricing. You can choose whether to charge users of your charging stations. If you do choose to charge them, you have the power to decide which users you charge, when to charge them, and how much to charge.

Empowering You & Your Users

Our system is designed to empower you to power your users. You’ll receive reports via our easy-to-use dashboard if there are any issues with your EV Charging Stations. Data about the use of your stations is also intelligently generated – giving you everything you need to make informed decisions about pricing, usage and future development.

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